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Single row cylindrical roller bearings NUP2203E?

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Single row cylindrical roller bearings are separable, i.e. the bearing ring with the roller and cage assembly can be separated from the other ring. According to the difference in the configuration of the flanges , we can supply NU type - have two integral flanges on the outer ring and no flanges on the inner ring. N type -have two integral flanges on the inner ring and no flanges on the outer ring.NJ type -have two integral flanges on the outer ring and one on the inner ring.NUP type-have two integral flanges on the outer ring and one integral flange and one non-integral flange i.e. a loose flange ring, on the inner ring. Supply reinforced structure (suffix E) with different cage , polyamide , steel and brass cage . Surely, we can do customization as per customer requirement .

   WSBC NUP 2203 E bearings are widely used in motors, automobile, gearbox,machine tools ,constuction machinery and other industries . If you want to know more about WSBC NUP 2203 E, welcome you contact us freely .


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Spherical Roller Bearings

   Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd is a modern high-tech professional high quality roller bearings manufacturer, specialized in R&D, manufacturing, sales and service .In order to make WSBC bearing keeping up with the world, we invested in lots of advanced CNC equipments and the complete set of precision inspection devices , devote to building high quality employee team and brought in advanced technique of manufacturing and management .We have strictly quality control and environment protection .Our bearings are mainly supplied to OEM customers in many industries , such as mining , petroleum , chemical ,coal, cement , heavy machinery ,wind power , engineering machinery and other industries.Meanwhile,our complete supply chain makes it possible to supply customer almost full range of standard and nonstandard customized bearings.Our professional engineering and sales team are willing to take good care of every customer’s requirement and provide cost effective solutions, let customer enjoy one-stop service .WSBC team has always been adhering to the principle of“integrity-based, quality first,customer foremost”. We are ready to use our sincerity to serve every globle customers for long-term and win-win cooperation .


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Telluride powder

Telluride is a compound of tellurium with metal or non-metal. For example, the representative of telluride with non-metal is hydrogen telluride, which is a colorless and odorous toxic gas; metal telluride has copper telluride, which is insoluble in water.  Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd provide high purity and super fine telluride powders, such as Cadmium Telluride CdTe, Copper Telluride CuTe, zinc telluride, Cuprous Telluride Cu2Te,Bismuth Telluride Bi2Te3,Antimony Telluride Sb2Te3 ,Lead Telluride PbTe etc.Send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry. 

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Niobium boride

Niobium boride has a molecular formula of BNb and a molecular weight of 103.7174. Niobium boride is a gray hexagonal crystal and is mainly used as a fine ceramic raw material. There are two methods for synthesizing niobium boride: 1. After mixing elemental boron and elemental niobium in proportion, heating and synthesizing in two stages produces niobium diboride. 2. Using synthetic methods. After elemental boron and elemental niobium are mixed in proportion, they are heated in two stages to synthesize niobium diboride.Luoyang Trunnano Tech Co., Ltd provide high purity niobium boride materials.

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Oxide powder is the chemical compound solid powder contains one oxygen and another element, such as metal oxides, metal oxides are a chemical compound formed between metals, specifically cations such as Na, K, Li, etc., and oxygen. These compounds require at least of two elements, as compounds do, and always contain at least one oxygen, though there can be more than one. These formations tend to be solid, basic and are more dense than their nonmetallic oxide counterparts. Metal oxides typically contain an anion of oxygen in the oxidation state of −2. A great example is iron oxide, more commonly known as rust, it is the result of iron's prolonged exposure to oxygen rich environments. metal oxides can be easily obtained in nature or reacting metal with acid. In order to get high purity metal oxide powder, nano-metallization is necessary.



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